Water in basement/New Construction

VchestnutsOctober 17, 2010

Hello All,

Here is the situation:

In the process of constructing a new home. Builder has poured concrete basement walls, framework, wood sheathing, windows and roof in place. Gutters are not up, grading not complete, sump pump not active (no electric).

We noticed some water seepage around the perimeter of the basement floors and are not sure if we should be concerned at this point. We had a recent rainfall about a day before we noticed the seepage. The rest of the basement floor was dry as well as other areas of the house. Collars were placed around all the pipings in the roof. I have obvious concerns about water seeping in the the future, as I know this can be a problem. I don't want to go to the builder yet if I am acting too premature on the situation. If I go to the builder he may just give me the run-a-round and say what he needs to say to pacify us. We built a home (carriage house) about 7 years ago and never noticed any thing like this. Never had a leak.

Any suggestions as to the problem (if it is a problem) and would you recommend having an outside contractor evaluate the situation?

Thanks for any advice.

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Gutters are not up, grading not complete, sump pump not active (no electric).

One or all is the likely explanation for the water.

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