Glycera's (aka Margaret's) bathroom

glyceraJuly 19, 2005

Some photos of my new bathroom (still have to hang prints on the bare walls). ---Margaret

View from the "front" door; another door leads to the laundry room. The mirror in the center is fixed, but the two side mirrors belong to recessed medicine cabinets. The lights are fluorescents; they're a little larger (wider) than I had hoped for, but were the closest to my mental image that I could find. The countertop is Swanstone "Prairie Clover", with an integral sink, and the faucet/dispensers are KWCs. One dispenser is for soap, the other for mouth wash; both are hooked up to NeverMTs. The custom vanity is finished in laminate. Â Â Â Â Â Â In one of the medicine cabinets I had an outlet installed so I could keep the electric toothbrush off the countertop. (If you want to do this, the electrician needs to know it during the roughing-in stage.)

Here's a closer view of the vanity fixtures. This faucet (KWC Domo) has a pull-out feature (but no spray), sort of a junior version of a kitchen faucet.


In addition to the outlet inside the medicine cabinet, I had the electrician install one behind the vanity so I could mount a power strip inside one of the drawers, for the hair dryer (and who knows what else?). Here's a view of the bathroom from the laundry door; the tub/shower is to the left. My eccentric choice of wallpaper, border, and rug reflect the fact that I'm a biologist (or did I need to tell you?). The bluish half-moon in the ceiling is part of the 14" Solatube, and the circle in the small counter next to the toilet is for trash, which drops into a plastic grocery bag suspended by its handles from four cup hooks inside the cabinet.

      This is a one-piece (yay! no seams) MAAX Maestro tub/shower. The fittings are all Grohe: on the right wall, a Relaxa Plus hand shower, which is just visible, and a Freehander on the left wall. There's also a cedar seat on the left side, hidden by the shower curtains. The two-tile mural of the frog I attached myself.

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Your bathroom looks beautiful! I wish I had thought about the extra outlets. I hate clutter. And I think your waste "basket" idea is a stroke of genius! It's not too late for me to add that to my bath (unless you hold the patent :).

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Snowbaby --- Patent is pending (LOL!), but in the meantime go ahead and use the idea. You've heard about "necessity is the mother of invention"? Well, I spent a lot of time looking for a wastebasket of a size that would fit exactly into the space available. Then I thought, "Heck, I always line the bathroom waste basket with a plastic bag anyway, why not just hang the bag in there?" Pleased with my ingenuity, I spent several hours researching various types of special plastic bag holders on the Web, until it struck me, "Duh... All I really need are four cup hooks on which to hang the handles!" (but I did get nice, plastic-covered ones). Now I wonder how much money I've spent on gadgets for the rest of my remodeled home that have equally simple, inexpensive solutions....?


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Hello Margaret. I was gonna remodel my master bath, but I think I will update the bathroom on the 1st floor 1st. Everybody sees that bathroom and only we see the master.
This bathroom has no windows, so I was thinking about installing a Solatube with the vent built in and the vent motor outside. I live in S Calif so Plenty of Sunshine,(It Never Rains in Southern California), LOL. How do you like your Solatube?



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