HELP with tricky half bath layout

codnuggetsJuly 18, 2006

My first post. I see there is a lot of great advice offered up here so I thought I'd give it a shot. I am planning a kitchen remodel which will include trying to squeeze in a half bath. It's actually a necessity because it's the only bathroom on the main floor, and currently it's just a toilet in a 30 x 55 crackerbox with no sink. The house was built in 1923, and I'm trying to avoid altering the exterior framing to make my life easier. With that in mind, I came up with this layout.

The left, right, and bottom walls are all exterior walls. The door and windows on the left and bottom are existing. The bottom window is over 4 feet off the floor so privacy is not an issue. The kitchen cabinets back up to the top wall which also includes the bathroom entry door. The sink is tucked into the lower right corner and would likely need to be a shallow wall mount or pedestal which I have no issue with since it's just a powder room. The only additional space I could include in the bathroom is about 6 inches or so to the narrow dimension, but I don't see that it would gain me anything and I'd rather have the extra room in the kitchen.

So that leaves me with a rather strange L-shaped plan with 2 entries - one interior and one exterior, and 2 windows - one standard size and height near the sink and one small and high near the toilet. The exterior openings all face an attached deck, so I'm not at all unhappy with their placement. Will this layout work? Any suggestions for improvement?

Thanks for the input.

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