attach bewell to basement steps

andrelaplume2October 12, 2011

I have a typical set of steps running down to my basement. At the base is a 2x4 nailed to the side of the steps and into a rafter above. A rail is mounted in two upper locations and to the 2x4 at the base. I want to remove the 2x4 and put a post in at the base of the stairs. The question is how to best attach the post to the steps.

First the post is Hemlock...should I put a piece of the blue stuff you put under pt lumber under the post? Second, do I drill through the front of the post, through it then through the bottom stair and attach with two lag bolts then fill the holes with a plug OR use some other sort of screw...I see on there's a newel screw that appears to be wood threaded at one end (newel) and lag threaded at the other. Is this strong enough?

Forgive my poor teminolgy.


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