Two-tone colored ledge on basement wall?

snertOctober 22, 2009

We are in the midst of a basement remodel, and we have a ledge along one of the exterior walls approx. 4'6" feet of the ground. We are acid staining the concrete a sort of reddish color, but need to pick paint colors in the next few days. My wife thinks we should have a different color above the ledge than below. We are installing white baseboard trim after the floor is stained.

What do people think of the two-tone look? We might also have a MDF trim piece on the ledge, since I think it will inevitably be used to put drinks on, etc.

A link to a few shots of the basement is below. Basement Remodel

Here is a link that might be useful: Basement remodel

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That is a LOT of work that you have done.

Hopefully, on any drywall that you put up - on outside walls - you insulated behind the drywall with Foam insulation. Something which is moisture impervious. Regular fiberglas insulation will absorb moisture from basement walls... I didn't see any photos of insulation in all the work your doing....

As far as your ledge, and color schemes - a dramatic change in color can have a good effect. Some like it, some don't.

I have a friend who paints Murals on walls... I always end up liking his paint jobs on various houses... but they are really unique!

In 'honor' of him - on a remodel which my wife and I are finishing up... I said to my lovely wife: "Honey, all of these colors are nice, but they are also so bland. Just kinda blending in, same o, same o. You know what Mike does. And his stuff always looks good. So, let's take a page out of Mike's book; and paint the ceiling heating vent soffit a really different color."

So, we did. We have "Chocolate Froth" on the walls, and something else which is hardly distingusable from that on the ceiling... (some sort of Vanilla white) - and then this Red/Purple heating vent soffit. (It's not a glow in the dark, bright Red, but I'm having trouble describing it...) No one has even noticed it - till I point it out. But the definite color change in just this one area - adds to the room. We think.

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