Basement Wall Not Below Grade...

matt_rOctober 8, 2007

I think I am unsure about this one...some comments I read on a prior post. On one side of the basement, there is a concrete block wall that is NOT below grade (walk out basement side)...can this use regular roll batt insulation. I am gutting the basement, and can leave this wall alone if this is OK. I currently has batt insulation with a poly vapor barrier clear plastic sheeting. Do all this moisture issues go away for a wall that is not below grade? But I am not sure what issues the concrete block creates in regards to moisture...??

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During demo, will you be removing the drywall? if so, check it to make sure there is no mold, rot or condensation. If there is, I would demo it and rebuild as recommended in the Building Science Corp article linked in the recent thread.

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Unfaced batt insulation is acceptable according to Building Science Corp.

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In reading seems all the discussion is about below grade, no? Now there is craft faced insulation, with a poly vapor barrier on top of that.

Is poly good in the regular part of the house. For some rooms I have renovated, I have been using poly vapor barriers...because this I thought was the superior method???

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