smell in basement!

rosessecretgardenOctober 13, 2010

hey all!

i take few classes in a school. the class which i take is in basement and every time i open that class; there is a special smell due to humidity i guess.

i am not sure; i just want that smell out of my class room. please help me! thanks

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Welcome to the world of mildew and mould!

A dehumidifier will help. But once the mould is into the wood or carpet, the only way to eliminate it completely is removal of all the contaminated materials.

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Good ventilation also helps.
Classes in a basement?
What kind of school is this?
Our gym classes where "taught" in the basement at Chatham Central, in the previous century. Back then, children with allergies were second class citizens.

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dehumdifier?? where can i get it :o
and yes not all classes only few of them are in basement.its a local school

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