Several XPS questions...

matt_rOctober 7, 2007

Well, I went to HD and purchased the pink Owens 1-1/2" panels. Because my ceiling is low, I installed them this OK. And I got so fed up with out of square twisted 2x3's, I went ahead and go 2x4's and plan to lay them horizontally. But I cannot find long enough tapcon screws...the largest they have is 2-3/4", but my wall is now 3" thick (1-1/2" XPS and 1-1/2" layed flat 2x4). Do they make longer ones...but just not sold at most stores?

I must say, so far, I like the panels, they assembly nicely. I was using too much tubes of adhesive, so I purchased a gallon can, which is proving to be much better.

What kind of tape if any, should I seal the seams with, metal tape?

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The XPS goes directly on the wall. It doesn't matter whether vertically or horizontally.

I'm not clear what you mean about putting 2x4s horizontally. On the wall? From the point of view of insulation, it's okay. But as I mentioned on another thread, not great for getting a plumb straight finished wall. Better to just build a stud wall as mentioned there.

The best practice is to use construction sheathing tape, such as Tuck tape. Certainly whereever you weren't able to use the shiplap or where it is damaged.

Tapcons and other masonry fastening screws are available up to 6" long. The big box stores I've been to all had ones longer than 2 3/4".

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what is XPS?

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XPS = extruded polystyrene. It is a foam board. Owens Corning makes a version that is pink and comes in 2 x 8 sheets of various thicknesses.

EXP is more durable and mildew resistant than it's closely related cousin, expanded polystyrene (EPS). This makes XPS an excellent product for below-grade masonay insulation purposes. EPS is more commonly known as styrofoam.

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