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erickkalbOctober 5, 2012

Does anyone see a problem with installing 2 inch xps on inside of basement walls and then mounting 5/8 inch plywood over it screwing into block wall with long tap cons . Basement will not be heated or cooled but will run dehumidifier . Just trying to keep walkout basement warmer in winter and only use in for storage . Basement does not leak but dehumidifier extracts about a gallon of water daily . Basement ceiling and floor will remain uninsulated .

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There's no moisture problem as plywood is vapour semi-permeable and as long as a dehumidifier is used to keep rh below 50 percent. However, two inches of XPS (R10) is below recommended insulation values for your area. (Plant hardiness zones are not the same as Climate Zones, but minimum temperatures of 5 degrees F. would indicate you're in a cold zone.)

You would get the same effect with a thinner, thus cheaper plywood or unfinished drywall. Or you could use thicker layers of EPS and save further money on materials.

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thanks for the information Worthy . I will let you know what I decide

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