Can anyone tell me about my asian pottery? xpost from decorating

arlosmomMay 29, 2013

I've had this piece for about 25 years and never known anything about it. It came from my friend's ex-husband's grandmother's basement. So it has at least a little age to it, but otherwise I know nothing about it. I've always thought it was pretty. It is about a foot and a half in diameter and 6 inches tall.

Can anybody help? The design is incised slightly and is both more glossy and less glossy in sheen. It has a different design on each side, a continuous design around the bottom, and a faint maker's mark on the bottom.

I posted this to the home decorating forum as well because I post fairly regularly there. Does anyone know if this has any value or where/when it might be from? Thanks for anything you can tell me!

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I believe it's a gold fish bowl, but I'm afraid I can't tell you more than that. I'm not very good as far as Asian antiques are concerned. Hopefully someone else will jump in here with some info for you. mfrog

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mfrog, thanks for your reply. I've been doing google images searches and hadn't come up with much with similar shapes to mine. Someone on the decorating forum thought it might be a famille style. The closest I've been able to come to mine is a famille brush washer bowl.

I was wrong about the size. I pulled out the tape measure, and it's 12" across, 6" tall.

Any other info or suggestions appreciated!

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I always thought brush washes were quite a bit smaller than that. I google imaged "famille rose fish bowl" there are quite a few on there, but I couldn't find one like yours.
Do you have an antiques dealer or auction house that deals in Asian Antiques near to you? Truly good Asian antiques are doing really well right now, so it would be a good time to figure it out.
Sometimes it takes a long time to figure out exactly what you have. I have a vase that I've had for a number of years, every once in a while I try to do some more research. One day I will figure it out, maybe....;-) mfrog

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mfrog, thanks for your reply. I didn't look at the size when I googled brush washes, so you're probably right. When I looked at fish bowls, none were the same shape as mine. Several brush washes were the same shape as mine.

Yes, I'll try to find an asian antiques dealer. I'm just outside of DC, so I'm pretty sure there are some nearby. I'd actually be much more surprised to find out that this IS worth something than I would be to find out it's worth little. It would be fun to know for sure though.

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Do post back if you find out some more information. I would be interested to know exactly what it is. mfrog

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It strikes me as being a quite modern design for an Asian piece, and I seriously doubt it's antique. It's pretty, however, but assume it's just a decorative bowl. The bottom indicates it has been finished off on a grinder, and looks hand decorated.

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