A very simple update

sunrochyJuly 8, 2004

All I did was paint the tiles white -before was grey.

Click on link to see the ''before'', then click on next at right top to see the ''after''.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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What a difference the paint makes! Very nice! I enjoyed looking at the rest of your house too. I love the exterior paint color and front/side porch. It's so cozy and warm!

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Thank you. I like it a lot, too.

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Gosh, the white makes such a difference! Just goes to show how color can transfor a room. Great work!! :)

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SunRochy, did you use a special tile paint? What kind of preparation was involved? I really like this!


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Jenny b-

I cleaned the tiles very well and painted 2 coats (2 coats looks more like "distressed tiles", 3 coats will be good for more smooth look) with oil based white paint that is made for outdoor metal furniture since it is much less likely to turn yellow over time like most oil based paints. Be sure the room have a way to get the smell out (window, fan, or something like that).

If one is not comfortable with using oil based paint (the one for outdoor metal stuff), you can get special primer for tiles at Lowes (it is found with the other primers) and then paint with a latex paint that will dry hard.

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Hi, I can't see your pictures, keep getting an error message. I'm the one who asked about the painted tile. You could email them to me. Thanks.

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hi ... i got the error message too. can you email them to me as well? Thanks! susantc3@verizon.net

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