basement sewage venting

yankees1September 16, 2006

I am installing a sewage pump pit for a basement bathroom. The only vent connection I can attach to is 40 feet across the basement and up near the ceiling where the builder installed a capped cut in. Can I run a pitched pipe across that size run and up to the connection? A contractor I inquired with told me to vent it out the side of my house. Its a walk out basement so that vent would be at first floor level? I know its against code but would it work? I prefer to do the run across the basement wall behind an existing wall( it has a chase so I do not have to open any walls) and up to the builders cut in .Suggestions?

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Sewage ejectors are required to have a separate vent through the roof. The plumbing codes expressly prohibit connecting a sewage ejector vent to any existing vent in the DWV system.

Due to the rapid change in volume inside the sealed receiver vessel when the pump is running it causes a negative air pressure in the vessel which can have very detrimental effect on normal venting.

In addition, if a vent line is greater than 40' overall length the diameter must be increased by one nominal trade size for then entire length of the run.

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So can I cheat and run that pit vent out the wall to open air on the first floor? I know its not code but does it serve the purpose or will there not be enough air like a roof vent with the wind, etc?

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Venting sewer gasses is one area where it is never advisable to deviate from code standards.

Sewer gas is primarily composed of Hydrogen sulfide, Methane, Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide, all of which are asphyxiants in relatively low doses. In addition hydrogen sulfide and methane are both highly flamable and potentially explosive at relatively low levels. To add further complication Hydrogen sulfide quickly paralyzes the bodies ability to detect the odor.

Under the International Residential Code they will permit through the wall venting providing the point of termination is 7' above the terraine within 10' of the opening and it is a minimum of 10' horizontal from any door, window or other opening into the structure and the vent opening may not be below a vented soffit however. Through the wall vent openings must also be equipped with screens to prevent birds or insects from nesting in the pipe. (In most jurisdictions, even though they may permit side wall venting , they do not permit venting a sewage ejector through the wall).

Personally, i would never risk venting a sewage ejector through the wall.

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"Personally, i would never risk venting a sewage ejector through the wall."

Exactly. Code is designed to protect the occupants. Circumventing code can prove dangerous...and can even result in death.

Case in point; the nightclub fire in Rhode Island a few years back...that killed 100 people...because the owners used cheap flammable foam for sound proofing on the walls...supposedly because they didn't "know" is was flammable....and, they wanted to save money.

I'm sure those who did it would do anything now to turn back time, perform the proper due diligence in terms of finding out which material would be safe by consulting a licensed professionalÂÂ as opposed to perhaps an internet message board......and not be tempted to "cheat".

yankee1, PLEASE consult your local code official for the proper and safe way in whcih to handle this....for your sake as well as those who may also live in the home.

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