Ladder back chairs

gardnpondrMay 19, 2010

I have some ladder back chairs a friend gave to me. She was throwing them away because the straw bottoms in them were messed up. I want to put some bottoms in them and use them on my patio with a table I have out there. The patio is covered. But the problem is, I am having fits trying to find some instructions on how to make the bottoms. I don't want the straw bottoms, I'd like to have a solid wood piece or some slats. I even bought some black leather when I was in TN. last time. I could use that to put bottoms in them if I could just figure out how. Any ideas? or links to help me?

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To replace the reed with leather, cut a shape that will fill the seat and has flaps long enough to wrap under the sides and be nailed there, or wrap completely around and be laced or riveted into place.

You can weave anything you want into a new seat, including replacement reeds.

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Here is a way to make the seat using old neckties. I have seen these done and they come out beautiful!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: HomeEnvy - Reupholstering a chair with neckties

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