Help identifying countertop material and care

nmhomeJune 22, 2008

New house and can't figure out what the countertop is. It looks like marble, but not sure if it is. Problem is it marks very easily, basically anything other than water leaves a mark on it, you can see a circular mark from face soap container in picture. I don't know how to care for it or seal it. Any ideas?

Image link:

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Cement? There's not enough detail in the picture to see the texture. I use a product on my cultured marble sink called Gel Gloss. I get it at Home Depot. It comes in a spray can or a metal container with a pink and white 'burst' label. The stuff in the metal container is basically like car polish. Smells like car polish and leaves a nice surface coat like polish. (If it walks like a duck...)

Any clues on the underside of the counter? Labels or stamps?

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Thanks for the response - not sure why it took so long for it to show up on my computer? Anyway, no labels or stamps, but there is a seam on the lip/edge. Any ideas how I might get it Identified?

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