Where's your bathroom light - inside or outside?

GemcapJune 22, 2014

Our contractor has suggested that the light switch is inside the bathroom (separate dry and wet area, and the switch is in the dry area). I think he is suggesting it from an aesthetic viewpoint.

I'm used to lights outside bathrooms. From my practical viewpoint, its easy to switch on the light before you enter (rather than fumbling around for the switch esp if you are not familiar with the layout of the bathroom) and when exiting, close the door and switch off the light.

There are no restrictions reg lighting in the bathroom where we live, so that's not an issue.

Where are your experience of inside Vs outside?

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Ours are all inside the room (whether it be a bathroom, bedroom, etc.) and that is typically what I have always seen. The only switches we have outside of a "room" is for closets and pantry.

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