Trevor, can you help me?

jammiesalldayJanuary 27, 2010

I am having some trouble getting a response from Blue Star. It's going on 4 months and I still haven't received parts that they promised in October. Now, today, 2 of my 6 burners will not ignite. I have spoke to Matt 4 times, each time he says he is sending parts. I have called 3 times in the last week to check on the status of the parts and no return phone calls. I haven't been upset or persnickity, but now I am getting very frustrated. Is this something that you can possibly help with? FYI, I purchased the 36" range in October 09, so we have had it roughly 4 months.

Thank you for any thing you might help with.

Feel free to send me a personal message.

Thank you.

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I don't know what state your in but many states have a Implied Mechantability law that states if product is under warranty and a manufacturer can't repair a functional problem with your appliance with-in 30 days of their 1st visit they are required to replace it. The only thing is you have to ask them to replace it.

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"I have called 3 times in the last week to check on the status of the parts and no return phone calls. I haven't been upset or persnickity, but now I am getting very frustrated."
WellLLLL, so much for the "New Theory" put forth that their service was gonna get better.
If I had Blue Star and Trevor ever disappears, My shaking would compare favorable to some of "California's Reknown Shakers"
Sad Sad, hope you get help soon.
I have seen posts here where Blue Star Users have found "Alternate Sources" for the ignitors and also the Ignitor Module.
Hopefully one of these users will chime in here to help you.
There was a LoNNNNGGGGGG thread about Blue Star Problems
and I think the sources for the ignitors was posted in this thread.
Try a search for "Blue Star Problems" on this site and maybe that post will turn up!!!
Good luck


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I suggest you call your retailer they should be helping you with contacting Bluestar.

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OK here are the threads about alternate sources for the Ignitor module and the ignitors (Click on the link below)
Here is one post as to where to get the ignitor module.
I purchased a a Tytronics ignitor module, SPARK MODULE Part No. PA020042 on instead of taking a chance on another Invensys. According to the Tytronics' spec sheet, which you can download here:
Hope this helps even if it is a bummer to havta buy a part for a stove that is under warranty but if one of my Dodges dropped 2 "Cylinders" I would wanna get it fixed ASAP

Here is a link that might be useful: Blue Star Ignitors and Module

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Thanks guys. I am so disappointed. I was really holding out hope for a good resolution. Another day of no returned phone calls, total radio silence. I will try and research the ignitors myself, which is actually making me fume, considering the cash we dropped on this and that it is still under warranty. But a warranty is only good if someone at the company will respond to you.

Trevor, local retailer has not had much better luck getting response.

4 months old, burners are a weird color, only 4/6 burners functioning, giant boom when oven heats and no support from company. Wouldn't give them a top notch at this point.

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if i was to be sarcastic i would say "you should have purchased your range from a retailer who makes service happen for his customers" but i am not sarcastic so i wont say

Try going to the distributor who your retailer purchased the range from, you may get better luck with them as opposed to your ineffective and retailer.

I have emailed Matt this thread. I hope you get your issue sorted out soon

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Trevor, if I was a smart monkey, I would have purchased from a supportive retailer. Thanks for the advice and support.

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Jammie, please call Blue star and mention that they are now in violation of the Magnuson Moss federal merchantability law.
If you are in California there is also the Song-Beverly act.
In California I think not only can you have the product replace but the company may face punitive charges if the continue to delay.
Just call Blue Star and simply tell them that you have waited more than enough time and you now want your product replaced. Insist that you want your replacement request included in your files. Follow it up with a letter or email which they are required to log. Give them a time limit to replace the range. Two weeks is more than adequate, and they really have no choice.
waiting 1 month is ok, 2 months is giving them the benefit of the doubt but 4 months is boarding on the ridiculous.

Think of it this way, They continue to produce new ranges with all the parts necessary while your range suffers from lack of parts.
Ask them to build one less range today and fix yours or take that extra range they built and replace yours.

Here is a link that might be useful: Magnuson-Moss

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I have a feeling deep inside that you will be very happy in a few days :)

Again customer friendly retailer and non supportive retailer, BIG DIFFERENCE AFTER THE SALE.

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Just FWIW, my oven thermostat went out over the holidays (made the unpleasant discovery Xmas morning). I called and left Matt a msg the Mon after. He called me back and I had the new thermostat by Wed.

So, they don't all go the way it went for OP. FWIW, that was my first time calling.

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Why in the heck does Trevor have to get involved before CS actually takes care of business?

(no disrespect for Trevor intended... I'll buy a BS from him if I get one).

It certainly seems to me that the OP was persistent, patient, and followed the normal chain of responsibility... but it appears it took BlueStar's number 1 retailer to get the ball moving.

Speaks volumes for Trevor (positively) and also volumes about BS corporately (negatively).

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For sure speedlever. This post as well as others dealing with BS should be "Required Reading" for "Matt".
He sure is making it easy for NXR to kick his butt in the not too distant future!!!


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These kinds of problems were enough for me to take the Bluestar off my appliance order, despite the fact that it is the range that best serves what I'd like. Bluestar seems to forget that the customer pays in advance for service through the warranty period. It is built into the cost of the range. If someone needs no service, Bluestar makes a higher profit on that unit. If someone needs multiple calls, that profit is lessened. Bluestar can choose how much of a profit it needs to average to ensure that the company honors the investment made by its customers. I find it ridiculous that the only way to guarantee response is to buy the range from an out-of-state dealer (as lovely as Trevor seems to be).

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Hi all, I am in the process of deciding between a BlueStar and a Capital range. I have been trying to read all the relevant posts but am new here. Could someone explain who trevor is and how he relates to issues with BlueStar. I live in R.I. so would be interested in any local experiences with either of these ranges. Thanks Jackie

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Do a search,Jackie, for Trevor, at the bottom of the page, not the top! He works for Eurostoves as I recall but He spends some of his time here as both a BS (fix it a-la GW) as well as acting as an "Expiditor" to get BS to respond to problems--that they really should , in the first place(without Trevor's intervention).

Good Luck.


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I think Trevor owns Eurostoves. They are in Beverly MA.They have demo ranges there you can actually try out. Why not give them a call and arrange to go cook on the ones you are interested in, in person?

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Well if He owns it, He is working hard then, been there done that. Welcome back mojavean.


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I have had great support from Blue Star. Had a problem with my drop in cooktop and they were contacted. Sent the parts promptly, scheduled the repair person (same one who did white glove service) and fixed.

I am also in California. As an aside, I purchased from Trevor and Eurostoves. I have to agree that Trevor can't be responsible for a dealer that sold you the product. It really is your local dealer's responsibility to get the issue solved for you. I suspect if Trevor had $10 for every time he jumped in to help someone out who bought from someone else, he would be a rich man.

Good luck

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