Need assistance with XPS and floor flange from french drain, Pics

kparenteauSeptember 5, 2008


Hard to explain, so please bear with me... :)

I'm just starting the planning stages of building a basement the Mike "the right way"

But I first need to fix a water issue that I have been battling for the past 8 years. The basement has been bone dry along the sides and back of the house. On the front of the house I have water coming in. It comes in where the wall meets the floor. I know Mike would get an excavator in and put in all the goodies on the front exterior, and I would also, but the interior way is the way I'm going.


- Exterior French drain is out of the question as I have $20K in landscaping out front.

- I got quotes and an interior French drain is how I will be going.

- I already have an old sump pump present that they will be replacing.

- I have a block foundation

- House is from the 1960's

I don't want this to be a war about the right and wrong way of getting the basement dry. For this lets assume that I have a interior perimeter French drain in and is working well.

They will be drilling 2 small holes per block to elevate water pressure. This water will run behind and down the drain flange that sits flush to the wall, then goes to the drain system and flows to the sump pump.

This 1/2' space will be on the wall.

In this picture you can see how the drain will be layed out. As you can see the upper flange will be poking out from the floor up against the wall.

Ok, After the installation is done and the basement passes a few rain tests I want to start finishing the basement as close to Mike as possible.


How will I address the floor flange issue when putting up the 2" XPS on the wall?

- DO I come right down to the flange?

- Can I leave a little gap before the sheet of XPS touches the flange?

- Can or Do I just take the XPS right to the floor covering up the flange?

- What about any water vapor issues? Will having this water flange channel right above the XPS harm

Putting the 1/2" XPS on the floor will be easy as I will just butt all the sheets to the wall and cut out a 1/2" - 3/4" space along the wall for the spray foam as seen on the below picture.

Any suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated. Also any alternatives to XPS is welcome also.

Thanks so much

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I'd just notch out the sheet on the backside with a utility knife so the sheet sits flat on the wall but also sits on the foam on the floor. Then tape the joint between the wall and the floor.

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