Can I still buy a 50 inch tub?

coopnsJune 14, 2005

We bought an older home with a 50 inch tub. It is granny smith green, really pretty rough so we want to replace it with a white tub. The plumber said it is a 50 inch tub and most today are 60. Is that true and if so, is there anywhere I can find a 50 inch tub?

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You should generally post these types of questions in "Discussions" -- you'll get more responses.

But, in answer to your question, there are a couple you can look at:

1) Kohler makes a smaller, deep tub that's 48 inches wide called the "Greek". I've posted a link.

2) MTI makes a 50 inch tub called the "Altantica" They also make a 48 inch square Japanese soaking tub called the "Furo 1" or the "Furo 2" Their website is very easy to navigate and is

That oughta get you started.

Here is a link that might be useful: kohler greek tub

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