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Barbsie123June 30, 2014

Hi, this is my fist time posting to this site - hope I'm doing it right! :) Question regarding my soapstone. We recently added on a new master bathroom and had Julia soapstone counters and tub deck installed. I absolutely love the look of the soapstone when it's oiled! I notice that there are always the same few dull spots that appear within a day or two of oiling. Should I just oil those spots individually on an as needed basis to blend in with the rest of the soapstone? Will these dull spots eventually blend in with the rest of the soapstone?! Appreciate your help!

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The dull spots are most likely from water or soapy water hitting the soapstone. Those spots will need to be oiled to blend in. I have soapstone in my kitchen and absolutely love it. I keep my oil cloth in a plastic zip lock bag and give the general area a swipe, when needed. I oil my main counter about twice a week...the other counters once every two weeks. You may need to oil frequently in such a wet area. Hope this may want to re-post your message in the forums are now in "Gallery" which is mostly for photos

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