Walk-In Shower: Good idea?

buttonJune 22, 2007

Howdy folks. In my shower project I am thinking of doing a walk in shower that does not have a door and I am wondering has anybody done this and if this a good idea or not?

The shower is the size of a standard tub and I moved the drain to the middle. I am thinking of keeping the shower controls on the left hand side and moving the shower head to the right hand side. There would be about a 6" curb where you walk in then about a 3 foot wall with a piece of glass on top the stops about a foot from the ceiling. (See pics below) My only concern is that with out a shower door/curtain that water will splash out into the restroom.

I could move the showerhead so it comes out of the ceiling and rains straight down which should solve the water splash problem but I'm not sure if it is nice or annoying to shower with the water coming straight down.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Hopefully I am making sense. Thanks, Chris

Here are some mock up pics of what I am thinking. One is looking from the right side and the other is looking from the left side.

Image link:

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I just blew my knee and the other is hurting now, so I think your walk in is an excellent way to go, and I would add making it handicap accessable because it is easier to have it accessable than trying to remodel after a need arises.Have a no step floor that a chair may roll in easily. If you want to redo, why not do for many possibilities?

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Trough examples for easy access and cleaning.

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I think it is a GREAT idea! I plan to do this as soon as my hubby recovers from the kitchen remodel :)
please post pictures when you are done. Good Luck

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