Sealing Pipe Holes

lrb91849September 10, 2007

My daughter recently converted her home into a Mother/Daughter set-up. The original unfinished basement was converted in to a 2 Bedroom 2 Bath apartment.

In order to do this conversion the Main Drain Pipe had to be redirected; it still exits the concrete foundation on the same wall, but it is now about 2 feet lower. This was done in order to install a Building Requirement Window in the bedroom.

After I retired and we moved in, we began to notice a water problem in the corner of the bedroom. Every time we get a heavy down pour, the carpeting in the corner gets pretty wet. It just happens to be the corner where the Main Drain Exits the basement.

My guess is ... one of the Pipe Holes (Old One or New One) is not sealed well enough.

I plan to dig down outside and Reseal Both Pipe Holes. I was looking for suggestions for sealing material. I have read that hydraulic cement is not the Total Answer. It seems that polyurethane foam works a lot better.

I was wondering if others have had water problems due to poorly sealed pipe holes exiting through poured concrete foundations.

I would appreciate any suggestions on preparation and materials to use.



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The plumbing Code requires that any time a pipe passes through a masonary wall the pipe must be sleeved. The sleeve may be sealed to the masonary by any convenient means while the space between the exterior wall of the desired pipe and the interior wall of the sleeve is to be sealed with expansion foam.

In new construction we commonly set the sleeve in the form and it is cast into the concrete wall however when we must cut through and install the sleeve and pipe later it is a common practice to use expansion foam to seal the sleeve to the wall as well as the interior of the sleeve.

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