Basement Waterproofing

Prophet0pSeptember 6, 2012

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for help and opinions on basement waterproofing. I have spoke to several companies. CT basemen systems, american dry basement, mid atlantic, benjanmin basement, and budget dry.

They all promise the same thing. A water free basement that could be finished. American Dry, Mid Atlantic, and Bengamin are very siminal systems with the round 4" pipe burined 12-18 inces below the floor all draining to a sump with weep holes.

CT basement system i wont even talk about. not impressed.

Budget Dry uses a product called Grate Products systems. They use square looking drain that is duel chamber and is about 6 " below the floor all draining to the sump. they said sometimes they drill weep holes but they are not necessary because of there system. There system has access points that allow for service if there is ever an issue. I really like this company the best because of the time and explanation i received.

I like the system, but i am nervous about it being square, not being deep and no weep holes.

Has anyone here used Budget Dry or have had Grate Systems installed.

Please Help

Thank You,

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They're all interior drainage systems that do nothing to stop the water that may be undermining your foundation. Unless there are special circumstances--such as total inaccessibility or rubble or fieldstone construction--I'd look first to what's happening on the outside during a rainstorm.

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Since, Basements are made of poured concrete foundations, monolithic, stone, block or tile basement walls. A wet basement can be a homeowner�s nightmare. If you�ve experienced leaking walls, floors or cracks in your home�s basement that enter into your home, it�s likely you need the help of an experienced basement waterproofing contractor. So, get several estimates from different companies.

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