Basement Ceiling Using Joist Hangers

artlover13060September 19, 2009

I have a finished basement with a suspended ceiling that I would like to put a drywall ceiling in. There are lots of obstructions above the suspended ceiling so I can't attach drywall directly to the ceiling joists. My idea is to use joist hangers to create a new ceiling matrix. The width of the room is 10'. Will this work? Or, is there a better way?

I assume that I will have to create some attachment to the joist since the span is 10'. How would I do this?

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Bailey Metal Products Limited provides this diagram and instructions on such an installation.

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couldn't you run fur strips perpenduclar on the joists or do the obstructions hang lower...would be easier and cheaper I'd think.

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Yes, the obstructions hang quite a bit lower than the joists.

Worthy, thanks for the link.

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