Bathroom Renovation Completed!!!!! Some ADA helpful ideas.

binsbMay 4, 2004

After 3 months & 3 days, our only bathroom is finally completed.

We have a Spanish Revival house that was built in 1929. My husband has MS and uses a wheelchair so we have had to make special retros in the house for his needs. Most important was the bathroom. While we originally wanted to stay true to the 1929/30's architecture (subway tiles, hexagonal flooring, etc...), we realized that it would impractical - trying to keep all the grout lines clean with a wheelchair would be next to impossible.

We also opted to forego a bathtub & went with a barrier-free shower. With a slight slope in the shower floor towards the shower drain there has been no need to have a 2nd drain outside the shower or use a curtain.

Instead, we chose to do a cross between modern & Spanish. The tiles are porcelain but in a texture that mimics limestone - old world feel. We chose warm/brown/gold tones to bring some of the Spanish/Mexican tile feel. Our drawers were custom made from knotty alderwood & stained with Bombay Mahogany.

The following link is progress in photos.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bathroom Renovation

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I bet you just love it.
Trish [hoping her bath will be finished in a couple weeks]

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It looks great! I really like the tiles and coloring of the room.
Christina--whose bathroom reno is on its 6 mo. mark---hoping only a few more weeks to go

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Trish - hope your bathroom is almost done! What are you having done?

Christina - Thanks! We really like the colors, too. WOW. What kind of renovation are you doing in your bathroom?

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I love your light fixtures (single and double). I saw the same fixtures in a spec house and now MUST have them!

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binsb, Thank you for confirming my decision to go with that barrier free shower. Since we have one other full bath on the 2nd floor, our renovation is for our future needs.

I love the tile design and colors.

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Stunning! Love the floor tile, I love the mix of small and larger times. great!

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MsAzadi - I'm glad you're happy with the decision to go with a barrier free shower.

Boo - It was my husband's idea to mix up the tile sizes. We love the tiling, too!

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I'm adding some info to this thread for people who wanted more info on barrier-free showers similar to what we did.

Bathroom size - 7' x 10'
Shower size - 4' x 4'
Opening to shower - 30"

2 horizontal safety grab bars in shower
2 horizontal safety grab bars by toilet

We added a 4' x 12' load-bearing beam in the ceiling in the unfortunate possibility that DH would need a Hoyer lift in the bathroom.

The tiles on the main floor are commercial-grade strength to take the heft of DH's 275 lb wheelchair.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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Every little detail is amazing. You did a marvelous job on that bath - I had been watching the progress over the months. Very cool result!

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Wow!!! That is beautiful!!! I love the niche-I think you did a wonderful job staying true the style of your home while making it practical!

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Love your bathroom. What's the name of your tile? What about your wall color?
We're going with a barrier free shower also.

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Sorry I just checked back today, dcoats!

The tile was a combination of a Shaw tile (main floor larger tiles) and DalTile Pietre Vecchi - golden - for the shower floor and smaller tile pieces.

Wall colors: Behr - Kansas Grain and ceiling was Riviera Sand.

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It's beautiful, beautiful--a question, though--the entrance to the shower is only 30"?? ADA-wise, that's way too narrow, isn't it? I thought for a wheelchair access it needed to be 36"...

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Beautiful bathroom. We're doing a lot of universal design in our home and are working on designing a roll-in shower. I'm relieved to hear that 4 x 4 is adequate. How far past the opening of the shower does your waterproofing extend into the bathroom (under the tile)? Also, it appears that you do not even have a slight ridge in the floor at the shower opening. I presume this is because the entire floor slopes toward the drain. Is your slope 1/4 inch/foot?

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FlyLeft - thanks! Yes - you are correct - 36" is the ADA standard for door openings. However, because this bathroom was built for our personal use, we bent some of the ADA standards to suit our needs.

We decided on the 30" opening because of the size of the bathroom as a whole - any wider opening would have greatly reduced the size of the wall enclosure. My husband simply rolls his chair slightly into the opening & then backs up as necessary. He designed the middle of the bathroom so that he can easily turn around in a circle.

Riverview111 - In hindsight, I think we would have extended the waterproofing. The hotmopping went as far as where the 2 wall openings are:

You are right - the entire shower floor slopes towards the drain 1/4 inch/foot.

We have had no major problems with water "run-out/off" - it is probably helped by the fact that our main shower fixture is ceiling mounted rather than extended from a wall. I think however, because of his height (6'3") there is more splash onto the main floor. I'm just making that assumption because there's virtually no splash when I'm taking a shower (I'm 5'1").

Again - my husband just asked me to emphasize that because he designed the bathroom for his needs and the space, we did bend ADA design to meet his needs - at 6'3", safety bars, placement of fixtures, sink heights, etc...were decided on for his height.

Hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any other comments or questions.

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Marcia & Kelly - thanks for the comps!

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The bathroom is a masterpiece. Fantastic job!

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Thanks for the information, b. I'm saving this thread and wish you many happy years of--well...of--personal hygiene in that beautiful room :)

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