Antique casters

karinlMay 6, 2010

I have this antique dresser that is, like a lot of antique furniture, on casters. Useless casters, but still, casters. As I have it in the attic and it is a tall piece, I want to take the casters off so it can tuck a little further under the slanted walls - I'd prefer it on sliders too, as they move far better.

So I laid it down and unscrewed the three screws holding the casters in place (GD slot screws) but the casters did not come off. Is it possible that they are held in place by a rod sticking up inside the leg? That would explain why it is that the leg hasn't broken yet under what looks to be a dangerously offset stress when the thing is being moved. In addition, it would explain why three tiny screws have apparently held the caster in place for a hundred years under that degree of offset.

Would you think there is a rod, and if so, how long might it be, and would it be threaded? Also, assuming I get the casters off, does it look wise to put these legs on sliders (rubber cups with hard plastic underneath) and skate it around the room? I'm trying to figure out the physics of the forces on this leg, which just doesn't look sturdy enough to hold the piece, much less withstand the force of moving.

Pardon the partly painted room... but boy, does furniture on sliders ever move easily on that floor once it's painted glossy!


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Yes....there is a rod on the caster that fits inside the leg. The wheel part should just pull out. You have to lay the chest on it's side or back to do that. Then you are left with a bottom of the leg that will tear your floor up if you move make sure it has a pad under it at all times.
I have a chair that has those kind of casters and can remove one and take a picture if you don't figure it out.
Linda c

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Thanks Linda. I don't know that a picture is necessary... is there usually a sleeve inside the leg that the caster rod slides into, or a rod that goes directly into the wood?

Either way, these just aren't legs I can wrench on. I did have the piece on its back and tried some gentle turning, and there was no movement at all. I suppose I could try some lubricant and hope it finds its way in. But I have to get all four of them loose!

I think this piece may just be staying on its casters.


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