Oh No! More water in the basement due to Radon?

jtablerSeptember 5, 2011

We purchased our home a year ago and had water issue in the spring during a "most rain in a day since 1926." The sump pump wasn't working, and some water entered through the windows. I did some major excavating to form a ditch about 10' from the foundation wall that is naturally emptied to daylight with a utility pump bonus.

Now, our sump pump is working and no water came in through the windows last night, but somehow water found its way up through cracks on the slab floor during a 2.5" downpour. The perimeter of the basement is fine. There was maybe just three to five gallons of water total.

So, here is the question, I heard water running last night and, it turns out, it was a steady stream coming in through the radon vent pipe from the exterior vent which is above our second story roof. Nothing I could do about it. It was going straight down into below slab. Is it possible that this was enough water to push up through cracks 5' and 15' feet away?

Supposedly, this house did not have any water issues during its 30 previous years (the 70s shag carpet was moldy in one corner).

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Sounds like a flashing defect at the roof.

Cracks in the basement floor should be repaired in a home that already is known to have radon.

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@worthy -

The radon is a post-install which is on the exterior of the house via a hole through the concrete block. So, this is not an inside system that vents through the roof with flashing. Also, it appears that it was more like one two two gallons of water at the most. I did an experiment.

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Even in a strong rain storm it's hard to imagine gallons of water running down a three-four" diameter vent pipe. And even if they did, that's not enough water to be forced up into the basement. More likely, it's just a recurrence of previous water problems.

I did an experiment. And????

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How much rain fell?

It would take over 18 inches of rain on a 4 inch pipe to produce 1 gallon.

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I thought I followed up earlier. It turns out it was a leak in the sump pump hose. This is the second massive "hundred year" rain we've had this year. This is the first time I've had a sump pump. When the radon guy came, he did some work around the sump pump hole which created a loose joint in the discharge line. So, a few days later, when the sump pump ran again with Hurricane Lee continuous battering, I was there to witness the drip.

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