Safe Room Door Size

johnstaciSeptember 27, 2008

I'm having the walls pour on my basement in a couple days. The basement will have a concrete "safe room" underneath the porch stoop. Has anyone done this - what size should I have them block out for the steel door into the safe room?

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What does the door instructions specify?

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I am asking what size steel (safe room) door and opening size has been used by others.

If I knew exactly what door I was using, I obviously would know the opening size.

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is this a room to run to when burglars come (like that Jodie Foster movie) or a room to store valuables....the difference being one is large and one is small. If small, I would think a small door would suffice, depending on what you are putting in there.

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I thought a "safe rooom" was for hurricane/tornado protection as per FEMA's definition.

I grew up when prepareadness meant hide-under-your desk if the Commies drop an A bomb on you. But this actually sounds like a good idea.

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