Crawl Space Access - needs finished!

stan_lukieSeptember 11, 2006

HELP! We had to install an outdoor access to our crawl space. (Original access was through the floor of a closet in the house. We removed the closet to expand the room and installed hardwood flooring over the access.) There is only about 8" of our outside foundation that is exposed between the ground and our siding. We dug down to the bottom of our foundation and we were able to cut approx. 24" x 24" (rough cut)opening (maybe it is 22" x 22"??). Now the question is, "How do we close this and make it a sealed but usable access. We have this huge hole in the ground (about 2 feet deep and 30" square)and an approx. 24" x 24" hole in the cement. Now what?!?!? Can you suggest a step by step plan? Brand names of doors, lids, etc? Pour concrete? We are fairly capable of 'do it yourself' projects... but is this one we should hire someone for?

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How about this: Frame the opening with pressure-treated lumber, then build a door for the opening and add a galvanized latch. (If the cut is too rough, fill in the gaps with mortar or sand mix.) As for the hole, perhaps build a rectangular window-well type of thing with concrete block, topped with a row of brick for aesthetics, and then rest an iron grate on top of it level with the ground. Get one with a grid like the ones in the street so it can support weight.

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