Layout for tiny guest bath under the eaves/I've created a monster

southerngalinnycApril 26, 2010

Thanks in advance for your patience and help. So I came home from a business trip and my husband had gutted the 3rd floor guest bath. It was sweet since he knew I hated the fact that the toilet was immediately in front of the door and under a window and the first thing you saw...and he knew I wanted to move things around in the layout... But now I am overwhelmed and not sure what to do...and scared it is going to end up being one of those "what were they thinking" projects... the space is very tight and complicated by the slanted ceilings and dormers and complications associated with 1920s plumbing issues. We can't expand into other closets or rooms so this is really the space I need to make work. Originally the tub was on the right wall, toilet under the window and vanity on the left wall.

Since this is upstairs with 2 of the 5 bedrooms in the house I don't think that we can "afford" to forgo the tub.

The alcove (which has a window), isn't deep enough for a full tub enclosure,but I had envisioned building a paneled tub enclosure, similar to what you might use for a drop in tub only. I had thought that we would use subway tile to tile the entire alcove, including the slanted ceiling.

I also wanted to use beadboard and pale blue wall paint for the rest of the room.

I thought we would use a European style glass tub shower screen since the angled ceiling doesn't allow for a rod and shower curtain. But my husband is convinced that if I leave one end of the tub unenclosed without a screen on both ends that water will go everywhere and be a problem. I am also a little worried that the screen will be overpowering in such a small space. I am also now worried that the tub and surround are going to make the space look even choppier than it already appears.

For the space to the left of the tub, I was thinking of enclosing the wall space and putting in recessed shelving. that would hold canisters, etc next to the sink.

To the right of the tub, in that corner, I had thoguth I would put in built in shelves but am concerned that the space will be too tight and too challenging to access.

Bottom line, what advice and/or suggestions does this sage crowd have for m me in terms of maximizing this space?.

right wall

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Here are the layouts that I had trouble embedding initially... everything about this project seems to be a challenge From tiny 3rd floor guest bath From tiny 3rd floor guest bath

From tiny 3rd floor guest bath

From tiny 3rd floor guest bath

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