Radon gas and roor cellers

NoctuaSeptember 2, 2013

I am thinking of adding radon mitigation to my home, but i am also considering a dirt root celler.

Can the two coexist?

I was thinking the root cellar would be air sealed from the main home so it should work. I should only have to worry about radon in that one room i think, or rather worry most there. I dont realy plan on hanging out in the root cellar often.

Also is there ever a need to have a second mitigation hole revented to the radon stack?

Full disclosure: I have not tested but would rather be safe than sorry.

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To move this on to the oblivion it deserves, my post.
What is the rational for doing remediation without testing?
Sounds like the way Congress does things. "Fix" stuff that is not broken.

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