Bought house with finished basement no permits?

JustinbrendaSeptember 1, 2013

I bought a house 1 year ago that has a partially finished basement. I contacted the county to get a permit to finish the last room, and the county claims the permits were never pulled to finish any of the basement. I would have to pull permits and have the existing finished portions inspected. OK, but here's where it gets fishy.

I contacted the previous owners, who say that it was finished when they bought it 10+ years ago. There was only 1 owner previous to them. The county tax records show the basement as partially finished (to the exact square footage that is finished). Could this have been done by the builder? I asked the county, and they said no. I'm not convinced.

Feeling a bit discouraged and don't know where to go with this next. Any advice would be appreciated!

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The partial finishing could have been done in the original construction- thus no separate permit. The fact that the tax office is aware lends lots of credibility to that idea. How else would they know? Typically the primary purpose of permits to finish basements is to get it on the tax books. Find out how long this has been in the tax records.
In my experience, some of the county employees sitting behind desks are barely functional- mentally speaking.
Why couldn't they think through this?

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