Pinholes after first coat of Drylok ?

rsteventonSeptember 16, 2008

Hi All,

I just started the basement and did the first coat of latex Drylok. This is going onto cast high pressure concrete walls. Coverage works out about 50 sq ft / gallon. Yes, I am putting it on like it's free with a 6 inch brush !

The issue I have, is that now the first coat has dried, I see LOTS of small holes in the wall that were originally air bubbles against the casting barrier. The Drylok goes over these, but does not form a solid membrane when it dries. The Drylok surface tension is too high it seems, as it breaks round the hole during drying leaving hundreds of small holes.

I am hoping the second coat will cover the holes, but I am afraid it will not. Any suggestions other than using a cement filler on the wall to fill all the holes first and then another few hundred dollars for more Drylok ?

OBTW, I bought a paint sprayer that said it would do Latex... it could not even suck the Drylock out of the container !

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Just a follow up. I added the second coat, and almost all the pin-holes are now gone.

Additional note on applying Drylok: The fastest way is to add enough to the paint try so the tray is 1/2 full. Then drag the tray up the wall with the Drylok spilling out one side against the wall. You should get it right on the second try. After that, spread it around with a 6 inch+ masonry brush. The speed you put the stuff on the wall increases about 4x !!!

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