wood pieces in foundation

chris_ontSeptember 3, 2006


For some reason there are pieces of wood embedded in my foundation. These boards (1x4 approx) are below the basement windows and go right from one side and out the other. They are above the grade on the outside but when it rains serve as a channel for water to leak into the house.

Obviously it won't be long before this rots (however, these bits are probably as old as the house (60), unless they were added when the windows were replaced. They are about two inches below the window frame, 2 per window)

Since they are accessible from the outside (currently painted), I wonder if I could just caulk them with something to keep water out. Or should I look into having them removed and the hole filled properly? I just moved in here and budget is an issue.

There are other wooden board in the foundation, long verticals, about 2 inches wide that must have been a frame for the poured foundation. They do not leak (well, except one, but it looks like that was a long time ago)

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If the wall is pored concrete, the wood was used to prevent the conrete from welling up in the forms when thay are filled above the level of the window sill.
As solid as it looks now, wet concrete is a stiff liquid and it flows through any hole.
If you wnat to do the work you can remove the wood and backfill with mortar, but it is a lot of work. The windows may have fasteners into the wood further complicating the job.
Water should not be able to penetrate the joint unless it is ponding above the wood.

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