Travertine bathroom remodel

nancyaznurseApril 2, 2005

Here are a few pictures of our bathroom remodel project using Durango travertine. Granite counters are Golden Ray. So far so good with care and wear of the travertine.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bathroom photo album

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The travertine looks fabulous! Great job with the wall paint color, too! It looks very warm and inviting.

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looks beautiful! I love travertine

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Beautiful. What's the granite? I love the travertine.

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I am in love with your bathtub with the glass behind it. It looks just like what we are planning to do. Could you give some details of the brand, model, etc. of the tub. I am not real tall and hate climbing in and this looks like something I could handle steping into. I think the way you have tiled it would be perfect for us too. If you are able to post another picture showing the tub straigh on, in one or two pictures, I would realllllly appreciate it. Thanks.

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Beautiful! That's two bathrooms, right? Yours and the kids?

Did you do the kids' bathroom in travertine too? WAs it filled or unfilled? Very specific questions I know, but I'm in the serious considering stages of travertine for our bathroom (among other stones).

The Golden Ray is beautiful, and sets off the sinks so dramatically.

What is the bathtub you got? It looks comfortable--do the armrests work well?

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The large bathtub is a "Jetta" brand tub-there is a local distributer here in the Phx area-our GC recommended this brand and we like it very much so far.It's very comfortable.The travertine is honed and filled.The tile installer we had is an artist/perfectionist and he did a great job.I'll try and post some more detailed pictures of the jetted tub soon.Thanks for the nice comments!


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Very nice. Did I notice a mirrored door? Where does it lead and is it a pocket or regular door?

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I would love to do a similar re-model in our bathroom. We have the standard plastic shell tub/shower unit. How do I go about putting tile around it - do I need to build a framework?? It can;t go right on the tb etc - the plastic buckles when you step in it (I imagine) so the tile owuld crack eventually, wouldn;t it??
Thanks -

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What color paint? Thanks

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cannot see the photos...we're considering travertine tiles for the floor and granite for the countertop...thanks

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