How high above vanity mirror should I hang lights

LybanApril 12, 2010

I have lots of room between the crown molding and the vanity mirror so I am not sure at what height to put the lights. The width of pedestal sink is 24 inches. Vanity mirror will be 20 inches wide by 28 inches high. How far up from the mirror frame do you think I should hang the lights.

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Have somebody hold a flashlight at different levels pointing down at you while you lean into the mirror and imagine that you're trying to get an eyelash out of your eye. If you are working in your own shadow, the lights are too high.

This is why sconces, one on either side of the mirror, are better for best lighting/visibility.

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You should post your questions on the discussion side of this forum. You've posted on the gallery side, which is for photos of completed projects.

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