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andrelaplume2September 10, 2007

I want to put in a dropped ceiling. The cheapest way to go is with Armstrong 2 X 4 flat type tiles; ie the lay flush with the grid. I'd prefer 2 X 2 tiles thought. The cheapest method would be to buy the 2 X 4 tiles and cut them in half. I do like better the 2 X 2 tiles that lay slightly below the grid; 3 dimensionaly - they are quite a bit more money though. Here at work we have what appears to be a 2 X 4 3 dimensional tiles that that have a false grid cut through the middle...thus it looks like 2 X 2 tiles. I'd imagine these might be less than the 2 X 2s. Trouble is, I do not see them for sale anywhere. Ideas?

***Also, do the 2 X 4 cheapies provide less noise reduction than the 3 dimensional ones?

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if you really want to save money yes,thats the way to go,they have a tool for it's called a shadow line cutter among other names,they also use to sell at Home Depot,to get that recessed look,It's mainly used for the 2x2 tile going against the wall where a full tile won't fit
Though it would be a lot of work,you will also have that Grey inner color your edge may look rough unless you keep changing blades.

I've gone that way for people basement's or small office, restaurants that want to keep the price down.

Don't think 2x4 or 2x2 make difference as far as noise we sometime have use rolled insulation for that.

Hope it helps

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....does sound like a lot of work. Actually the tiles above my hear are 2 X 4s with grids around the 2 X 4 perimeter. However the tiles have a recessed area the size of the grid in the middle, giving the appearance of 2 X 2s with 2 X 2 grids....that is what I am looking for!

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I bought our tile from Menard's, as they just had a 10% sale on what was already $1.00 per tile cheaper than HD and Lowes for the exact same item. If you're basing your decision on what you can find at those 2 stores, keep shopping.

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is that an internet shop or a local place....I am in PA.

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They're a chain store, but looking at their map I see that they do not have a store in PA.

You could go to the Armstrong site and do a dealer search.

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