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mcpsMay 24, 2011

My friend bought this light at an estate sale for $10. Can anyone tell me anything about it? I think it is fabulous - just wondering if it is actually old - or what its story might be.

She is building a new house and thinking about having it re-wired for the front porch. Thanks!

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It's a very elegant torch-style sconce. I think it would look a whole lot better with a more classic shade; the squiggly decoration on the shade is a 1950's modern thing that doesn't match. The shade is still desirable to a Mid/Mod collector, so don't throw it out.

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Looks like someone painted it "Antique bronze" or something similar....does it hold a magnet. Looks like a porch light to me.
Linda c

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Thanks for your comments! I'll try the magnet...

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I like it, old or new will be a very nice porch light for that price!

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I think that "gilt" finish might be the original. These pieces were often made out of some kind of pot metal, but even brass fixtures were finished with gilt paint.

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It's a neat light and Casey made me chuckle. The globe is so fifites for sure.

I have no clue if it's an interior sconce or a porch light. It there is a turn switch on it, and I can't tell.....it may be a sconce. However, I'm a little concerned when I see how the globe mounts and the fact that the socket is located where it is as it's pretty important to know if a fixture is weather proof or not. If you mount an interior fixture outside, even on a porch, it will occasionally be exposed to the elements and may lack the gaskets and waterproofing necessary to make it 'safe' as far as electricity/water especially with a bottom mounted socket where water or moisture would pool.

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Part of me is starting to wonder if it does belong together and it is one of those 50-60s Regency fixtures. I have seen elaborate gilt chain-hung swag lights and other bathroom type fixtures of this sort with crackled, striated, colored, pineapple looking, hobnailed etc. glass.

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Here's some more info from my friend...and she wanted me to correct...she bought it for TWO dollars - not ten. :-)
"In answer to some of their questions: There is no switch on it, so I believe it must be for the front porch. The cords are covered with fabric. The magnet will not stick to the main body of the light but it did stick to the post & wall mount. It has very old screws with the removable ball tops. The magnet sticks to the screw posts but not to the removable round screw head."
Anyone have a clue how old it might be?

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My folks got a new 1 similar to that with white round globe but has longer thing hanging down, it's by front door, 1994. As far is "Old" ball top screws, my son hung new 1 out on patio in about 1987 & it has glass panels & the ball top screws so they apparently come back in fashion every few years. Terrific buy for $2. might want to rewire it with waterproof stuff including the socket & get a rubber gasket to fit around where globe fits on or maybe cut 1 from old rubber inner-tube.Would make a snug fit.

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I'm also not sure I would use that outdoors. Your friend should maybe go shopping for outdoor fixtures and see what the essential differences are. What Sunny suggests is maybe easier said than done.

It doesn't look really old to me, but is definitely cool!


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