New concrete in basement gets damp.

hanly2September 23, 2011

Ok so last summer I installed a french drain along the front wall of my basement. I already had a sump pump in the corner but I wanted to direct all the ground water from the other side of the house over to the pump. I didn't have any water problems until all of this rain. It was to be expected. But most of the system seems to be working fine except about a 2-3 foot area in the middle of the house where the concrete was the thickest. The problem is that the new concrete that I put in over the pipe and the stone is getting damp and it smells really bad and I bet will probably cause mold eventually. The rest of the old concrete in the basement is fine. Also noticed that the spots where they drilled for termite treatment get damp too. So is the original floor sealed with something that keeps it from getting damp? Should I seal the new concrete that I put in with something?

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There are several possible causes of the dampness.

To begin with, new concrete contains a lot of water that will evaporate over the years.

Secondly, the drains may be overwhelmed by the flow during heavy rains. Or there may not be enough slope to the sump outlet. Finally, the drains may have been laid with the drain holes up rather than down, so a lot of water may be sitting there.

Mould is literally everywhere. A damp portion of the concrete doesn't cause mould; it just provides the moisture that mould needs to grow and multiply.

Runnng a dehumidifier may help to dry out these sections.

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