Finished guest bathroom - FINALLY

cabogirlApril 3, 2005

It has been nearly 2 years since we moved in. When I first looked at the house, I noticed that I had not seen one of the bathrooms listed on the MLS sheet. My realtor and I walked back through the house carefully looking for the hiding bathroom. Well it was hiding for a reason. Off one of the hallways that goes to the guest bedroom there was a closed door. We opened (to our horror - nothing mentioned in write up about condition)to a totally torn apart (down to the studs) bathroom - cobwebs galore and at least 3 inches of dust. We didn't start right away since we had some other pressing issues with the house but it is finally finished after a few mistakes like the fabricator cutting the wrong size for the sink and the plumber messing up on the steam setup. But, it is finally complete...

Here's some pictures: Guest Bathroom Remodel

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Lovely! And I renew my vow to have my floor tile set on the diagonal.

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cabogirl - great job on this bath! It really is a lovely space now. What kind of granite?? Do you like the stainless bowl? Enjoying that steam shower?? It really looks GREAT!

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Thank you for the compliments. I LOVE the steam shower - I use it all the time at least until summer! The stainless bowl was my husband's choice (along with the faucet). He's much more modern in his taste then me. I like it alright for a guest bathroom but if I was using it everyday I'd be cleaning it constantly. It has a mirror finish and shows every water spot. The granite is crema bordeaux. The first piece had a lot more of the peachy pink color. But, the fabricator cut the sink hole in the wrong place. This piece has more of the wine color which I like a lot but we then had to repaint the bathroom! The first color was a light green which just didn't go. My husband wasn't too happy since he was doing the painting but he's happy with the outcome. It actually made the room a lot brighter which is good since it is a very small room.

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Elegant and timeless, I just love it, congratulations; your accessorizing is lovely also.

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Very nice bathroom. Do your scounces give you enough light? I am thinking about doing the same thing on each side of my mirror?

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Beautiful bath ! What is the size of your steam shower and did you use Kerdi?
Thanks, salbwil

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Awesome job! What sort of bracing due you have to do to make arrangements for the granite over the toydee. ;-)

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