COncrete floor / Carpet question

andrelaplume2September 10, 2007

I might be installing some 2 X 2 carpet tiles on our basement floor. We have had any water down there. Questions:

1) Should I seal the floor with something first---if so what?

2) Should I glue the tiles down, if so with what?


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--We have had any water down there--

This is unclear.

2) No.

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I am sorry, we have not had any water in the basement. I was not sure if gluing the carpet tiles down was a good idea...I suspect not. How would I affix them though? Some available are peel and stick but I'd think I'd have to seal the floor first for propper adhesion...? Something so simple has me puzzled as to the correct method to use....

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Won't they lay flat? If anything hit them with some carpet tape on the corners.

I don't think I would want "proper" adhesion, too hard to remove if anytrhing happened. We just removed an old carpet that was soaked from a water leak. A cpvc fitting split and flooded the basement. A very slow leak in an area that we don't normally go.

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Hi. We used Miliken's Tesserae carpet tiles. They are somewhat tacky on the bottom, but other than that, no extra adhesive is used. You just lay them flush with each other, and the pressure (of one against the next and the end ones against the wall) hold them down. We have two little boys running and playing on them, and they've never slipped a bit. In fact, you really have to pry them out (if you want to get them out). So far, so good. We love them!

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I will look for those thanks.

Anyone seal there concrete floors before putting down the carpet?

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