Contemporary Power room taking shape

sharkmApril 1, 2007

My 5x5 power room is taking shape. The pumping is still not done, mirror and accessory not installed. But it is turning out to be better then I had envisioned. Below is the mock up of the sink and faucet.

Also need to install this wall sconce from WAC.

I cannot wait for this to finish!

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Wow, it looks really good and it's not even finished yet! I like the tiles! Are the ones the wall the same as floor? Did you cut them or do they come with smaller size?

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Thanks. The lamp is now installed and the green light make it look really good. The tiles on the walls are not the same as the floor.

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Who makes those tiles? They look great!

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Actually, I did not really know who makes the tile until you ask. We just found the tile we like at the tile store. But now I just found out (after the fact) that they were from Imola. The white is Origami, the liner is Daisho and I don't know about the gray one.

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I love it! You made beautiful choices. They look great with the neutral background.

I just had Imola Micron tile installed in my kitchen, hallway, and bathroom. They did not do a great job on the grout. Even though I went 1/16 of an inch in between, I can feel the space. It's sort of rough. Do you have any issues like that with yours? I love the look of the porcelain. It is simple and beautiful like yours. The actual tiles are very smooth and almost have a "soft" feel. He's supposed to come back and redo the grout. I think it should be even with the top of the tile on this kind of contemporary install. I would appreciate any feedback on your tile.

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The grout lines are ok. As in my photo they are fairly wide, so you can easily feel that space. The edges are straight, smooth and even.

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I just saw this--Great! Any more pics?

And kristen, if you had 1/16 groutlines, that probably means that the installer used unsanded, which has a habit of shrinking upon curing. It's not his fault so it's nice that he's agreeing to come back and "fix it". I wonder how he was going to do that. Had the original grout been sealed? If he used Spectralock, I do think that new epoxy can stick to old epoxy, so that would actually be lucky...

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