Ideas on selling an old journal

omi496May 20, 2010

I have a hard covered, handwritten journal by NYC Firefighters dated September 1896 to January 1897. The entries were of the daily activities in a NYC firehouse. I prefer not to deal with E-bay, have donated several to museums, contacted sellers of firefighting collectables and memorabilia via the internet to no success. I would like to sell this one. How do I reach interested persons? Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Consider making high-resolution scans of the pages and selling it as a book on

If you add some photos from that era and some commentary you could have an interesting book and make more than selling the book itself would bring.

Then you can donate it to a museum and take the tax deduction, and keep selling the books.

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Thank you for the suggestion.

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There are many who collect old journals, and probably alot of people who collect old firefighting memorbilia. I bet someone like that would love to have it. I'd do an online search for those types of collectors and approach them that way, let them know what you have. Also, do some reasearch on similar items to find out what yours is worth, or get it appraised by someone who deals with those things.

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Also, check through the entries for anything that might be of historical or social interest (something akin to the 1911 Triangle shirtwaist factory fire or a call to the home of an important person of the era). Anything like that could spark an interest in the journal.

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Contact a genealogical or historical society in New York City.

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