Another Home Depot bathroom reno/remo

mrsmarvApril 19, 2005

Here are pics of our master bath. We purchased all but the chrome sink/tub/shower fixtures and sink (antique repro we got for a song) from the Home Depot. The shower is 5' in length and has two shower heads with separate controls for each. We made the front panel for the tub from wainscoting to hide the fiberglass panel. It also matches the wainscoting on the walls. I just finished repainting it with Behr's "Harvest Brown".

Here is a link that might be useful: Master bath reno/remodel

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I can't see the pictures. Your account requires passowrd login.

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Hopefully this will work...sorry for any confusion. I changed my setting to "public". I'm guessing this will work. Please let me know.

Here is a link that might be useful: Master bath reno/remodel

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How pretty! I love the beadboard. The paint is so warm. The wainscoting on the tub is a great idea. How did you make it? How about those lanterns? So cool! What a great look!

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Sam...regarding the wainscoting: we extended the 1/2 wall that separates the tub from the commode out past the front of the tub by about 4 inches to form a "cubby". We framed the tub front area using plywood. Then we added the wainscoting and trimmed it out, using a router on the edges. We are able to slide the false front up and out when needed, to clean behind and under it. For extra stability the piece is kept in place using two "3 penny" nails, which slide in and out of each side of the unit and go into the walls on either side. You can see the head of the nail in picture #6...look on the right side of the tub, under the jacuzzi logo/label at the top of the trim. It looks like a small round black dot....thanks for the compliments!

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I love the paint color, what is it?

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The color is "Harvest Brown" by Behr. It's from their "yellow toned neutral styles" color combination palette.

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mrsmarv - your pictures are an inspiration've done an amazing job.
I'm going to give the 'wainscotting' a shot myself and wonder what you used? Is it MDF? Beadboard? Or tongue and groove pine?

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Hi Netty-Thanks so much for the compliment! We used tongue and groove panels, which I believe are pine. I primed them front and back with BIN before installation and then gave the fronts 3 coats of paint. BTW, I also filled in any small knots/holes with wood putty and sanded before priming/painting.

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what colour tile did you go with? any pic's of the tile you used?

we are doing wrap around wainscot like you (and similar wall colour) and i am driving myself w/ the tile choice!

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nokeysyet-we did a very neutral ceramic tile (also from HD) for the floor. It's basically a white background with veining in taupe/cocoa/ochre throughout. We chose a cocoa colored grout for upkeep reasons. It looks like marble and is very easy to take care of. I don't have any pics at this moment...I'll try and take some and upload them this weekend. The tiles were inexpensive, but when combined with the whole package, they really look primo.

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Beautiful job! How far up did you go with the wainscoating? I think I read somewhere that 47" is sort of a standard but not sure if that's really the case.

You should be very proud of your work!

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Absolutely gorgeous. I love everything. I'm also interested in the floor tile you used. You mentioned Home Depot. Do you remember the tile name?

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Yvonne Albertyn_Brazil

Wow!! I love your new bathroom! I really like how you used the beadboard. Filling in the knots with putty is a great idea. I also really like the hanging lantern. Where did you find that? (We had a power outage earlier this year that left us in the dark for quite a while. I had tea candles all over the house. I'd love to have a lantern for such an occasion.)

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Teri47-we went about 46" up the wall with the wainscoting.

fiddlermonkey-I don't remember the name/manufacturer of the tile. It was inexpensive ceramic tile purchased off the shelf at HD. I will try to remember to take a peek at some of the extra ones I have and see what I can find out. Stay tuned.

yandj-I got the lantern at an "At Home America" party. A friend is a consultant, so I was familiar with their things. I've supplied a link for you.

Thank you all for your positive comments and compliments.

Here is a link that might be useful: Newport Lantern & Wall Hook

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Teri47-the wainscoting is 49 1/2" high to the top of the trim.

fiddlermonkey-here's the floor tile info:
American Olean "At Home Styles"
Made in Spain/glazed ceramic floor tile
Color-Champagne VT52

Hope this helps

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Oh MrsMarv!

What a nice bathroom! I may have to copy off of you. :-)

Our master bath has beadboard and I want to do a white/off-white bath similar to yours. Where did you get your beadboard accented cabinets?

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