Traditional master bath updated

sassyinakMarch 23, 2007

Here is a link to my nearly completed master bath remodel. The subfolders will show the before and during construction pictures.

Here is a link that might be useful: traditional bath

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Wow.. what a beautiful bathroom!! I love the glass blocks and shower!!

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Love your granite in the shower and the glass blocks! Wish I had that much room.

Where in Alaska are you? My FIL took the whole family there 3 years in a row. We loved it!


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Thanks! I am enjoying it. Lauraella, I am in the Anchorage area, also known in these parts as "Los Anchorage" due to its dissimilarity to the rest of Alaska. But we love it here!

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I will have to show your shower to my DH and add it to my file of 'someday'. Hope to get up to Alaska some time soon. Just too beautiful!


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Love your bathroom! We have just started ours and have a similar set up...would you mind a ? or two? I also want to use glass blocks in a (roughly) 40" x 48" area that separates our shower and tub. Can you please share the details on your blocks? Where did you buy them? What size are they? Were they a difficult install? ETC.....

Thank you for any info you can supply asap!


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Sorry to be so long in answering! The glass blocks were purchased at Lowes. They are the slimline type, about 8 inches square and 4 inches deep as I recall. The tile installer did not seem to have any particular difficulty with them. Hope this helps!

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I love you bathroom. We are currently building and the plans call for a walk in shower. How do you like yours, do you have trouble with water spray out the door. It looks pretty, but I'm not so sure I'll like it. Silly question, but do you get cold when you are drying off?

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Your bathroomis beautiful! I love the pebble floor! Silly question how does it feel to stand on in bare feet? I'd love one in our main bathroom. But worry about comfort level.

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stayn2busy, not silly questions at all! I was concerned about keeping the shower warm and water spray. That's why I designed it so that a shower rod could be hidden above the opening. I simply pull the curtain closed when in the shower, then open it and tuck it behind the partial tile wall.
marybeth1, I like the pebble floor, it feels nice to my feet. Howevever, someone with very sensitive feet might prefer a flatter pebble. That wasn't available in the color I wanted.

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