Why does a crawlspace need to breathe ?

ani_tSeptember 8, 2006

I've been reading that a crawlspace needs to breathe ? Why ?

I understand that if moisture gets in it would need a way to get out - hence the vents. I guess that is what is called breathing for a material.

But if I prevent moisture from even getting in or have a different way of getting moisture out, like a dehumidifier, do I need a vent at all ?

I have the same question about our cement floor in the garage... What is the harm in applying some kind of garage floor coating... does it make the cement crumble if there is too much moisture ?

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crawlspaces are vented to get rid of the moisture. If you seal a crawlspace as shown in the link below, you eliminate the need to vent.

On the garage floor coating if you do not have moisture migrating through the concrete,I believe you can get away with coating it. To find out if you have a moisture problem, tape a piece of plasdtic to the garage floor and wait a few days to see if you get moisture trapped under the plastic. No moisture - you probably can coat the floor with no problems.

Here is a link that might be useful: crawlspace article

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