'Sea Tones' InSPArational Master Bath

monicakm_gwMarch 9, 2008

Total makeover of a 1981 master bath. List of items used can be found on page two (last picture) of photo thumbnails.

Thanks for looking :)


Here is a link that might be useful: InSPArational Master Bath

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I am just a little green because you have always been a few steps ahead of me. (We did our kitchens at the same time) Love your bath. We have ordered the same tub and it looks great (currently in the garage awaiting installation). Have you enjoyed the tub? I love your tile too.



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Bernice, Thank you for the compliment :) Someone is always ahead (lol) I'm so SO glad to be (all but) finished with this project. It's been almost a year since we knocked down the wall between the old living room and kitchen, rearranged the master bedroom entrance, made the living room a dining room and gutted my bathroom. 5 months of sharing DH's bathroom (just shoot me!) LOL Just last weekend we installed the beautiful antelope carpet in the den and it too is all put back together :) We're waiting on our dining room table and have some other pieces to get and some decorating to do but for the most part, we're finished!
Tub: I am happy with it except for the width. I called, measured, researched this tub's size till I was blue in the face. I knew I wasn't going to be able to see and sit in one before buying it and it was really important I was happy with the width (you may not require extra width). The arm rests and grab bars take up valuable space :o It's not as spacious as my old (regular) tub. I'm getting used to it. As for the rest of the features, It's great.

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You're bathroom is gorgeous and it's helped me determine that I want mine to have the same tranquil colors. It's one of the most beautiful bathrooms I've ever seen. I've been looking all over for your gorgeous sea tones glass tile. Did you order them oline?

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THANK YOU! It still feels so nice to have someone compliment me on my bathroom selections :)
About the Sea Tones glass tiles, no, I didn't purchase them on line. They came from a local flooring and decorating store. Just recently someone emailed me about them and said she DID find them on line. I no longer have her email tho. You can called Westminster Ceramics and find dealers and perhaps on line dealers as well. Just so you have a number to work with...if you buy the 2" tiles in a 12x12 sheet (36 tiles) it sells for about $56 per sheet (here in Texas). Thankfully we didn't have to pay that because DH works for the company from which we purchased all our tile and flooring. If you buy them individually (by the color) it's more expensive. I don't know how much more tho. Below is the link to Westminster Ceramics.

Here is a link that might be useful: Westminster Ceramics

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Lovely bathroom!!!b

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