Insulation above pony wall

jasontrulandSeptember 11, 2012

I can't seem to find an exact answer on this, although it's touched upon in a few different threads. I have a walkout basement that I am in the early stages of gutting and refinishing. First goal is to insulate it better, since it's quite cold in the winter (I'm in southern NH). About a quarter of my poured basement wall is a pony wall. Above it is older wood paneling with fiberglass insulation that is quite gross. I had a bad mouse problem the past few years and I can see where they have all nested.... Anyway, what's the best solution for insulating above the pony wall, other than spray foam? I just can't afford that. I didn't know if I could use rock wool, or put some xps against the plywood first... Just not sure :)

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You can use the linked energy calculator to figure out what minimum R Value to aim for.

XPS or EPS against the sheathing followed by fibrous insulation or blown cellulose would create a tight wall. For the best results, seal all cracks and holes in the walls.

Here is a link that might be useful: ZIP Code Insulation Calculator

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"About a quarter of my poured basement wall is a pony wall."

What is holding up the house?
A pony wall is normally a shorter than ceiling height non-weight bearing wall, typically used to divides space at floor level while keeping t open ast eye level it makes the smaller areas appear larger).

It wounds like you just have a decorative wall 'covering' that does not go full height, closer to wainscoting.

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Thanks for the responses guys. I never got notification that I had responses so I never checked!

brickeyee, Pony wall is probably the wrong term, my apologies. I have a walkout basement. The foundation to either side of the door to walk outside is only about 4 feet high, above that is some gross wood paneling up to the ceiling. So the foundation is only half the height of the basement wall in that part of the basement. So I was wondering if I ripped the paneling off and removed the fiberglass, could I use XPS or EPS directly against the sheathing. I can see from the first response that I can do that.

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