Source of high quality vapor barrier

ani_tSeptember 8, 2006

My smelly house woes continue. I've cleaned out the crawlspace of debris (failed ductwork etc.,)

I have cleaned it out and have ordered borocare to spray on all the joists.

Since my crawlspace is belowgrade on all sides but one there are only two tiny vents. I started installing 6 mil poly (from Home Depot) and now I find that there are better ones available- cross laminated something.

Does anyone know where I can find these in the Seattle area ? What do I ask for ? Are there any brands you would recommend ?

I plan to cover the foundation walls with it and attach it with a furring strip. I understand that I need to leave a 4 inch gap from the wood on top of the foundation for termite inspection.

I am really looking forward to doing this- feel like I am accomplishing something ! :)

Thanks all

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Try 'building supply' in the yellow pages.

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You might look into double sided alum radiant barrier. Commercial extra tuff version will be about .006 and have cross linked poly stuff inbetween the alum. About 90# tear strength is what some I've bought says. Bugs arent going to like it and it hurts the little critters teeth to chew on it. Heat always goes to cold so it'll mirror the heat which fakes heat transfer and heat will mostly stay on the hot side.

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What is your rationale for the vapour barrier? (Other than achieving a sense of accomplishment.)

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