Bathrooms under the eaves- Capes, Bungalows, converted attics?

debtslaveMarch 1, 2005

We're planning to convert a large closet to a bath on our third floor. I've been looking in shelter magazines and online but have not found many pictures of full baths under a slanted roof. Other than anna_chosak's bathroom remodel below, I haven't found any pictures in this gallery of full bathrooms tucked under the eaves. Please share any pictures that you have.

Our kneewall is very low (2 feet at the junction with the roof), so there is a limited amount of full height floor space. There is a narrow dormer with window in the adjoining bedroom and could make that part of the bathroom and put the toilet or shower in there. Did anyone else deal with a similar challenge?

Thank you.

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We didn't do a full bath -- a wetroom shower with a lot of the constraints you describe. It's all a little chaotic still until we do the finish flooring in the rest of the room. (more construction dust has also settled in). I'll try to post pics later, but we tiled the whole floor, with a slope and drain in the center. There's a rain can type showerhead there; shower controls and hand shower on the side. The sink is to one side of the room and the toilet on the other. The space is big enough for a tub as well.

Right now nothing closes off the shower. We might go for a bamboo screen. The openness feels odd to my husband.

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Webwoman, I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures. This is an idea I hadn't considered. In visualizing your description I realized that it would save me the hassle/expense of designing around the swing radius of a shower door. Thanks.

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