Egress drainage

minigreenhouseSeptember 26, 2006

Just wondering what do you use to protect/cover the outside drainage from clogging up by the leaves in the fall?

We have an egrass door into the basement, there is no overhang to protect the leaves from clogging up the drainage. The area is about 3 sq ft, when it rains, the leaves could really clog up the draining (2-1/2 inch in diam.)

I would appreciate any suggestions.


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Regularly clean it.
Like every few days.

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How often do you use this door? Perhaps a wider, screened cover would do the trick.

We have a similar situation (partially covered stair) and I am thinking about making a raised floor out of pressure-treated lumber that would lay on 2x2's directly on the ground, and maybe with some galvanized screening tacked underneath. I think it would be much less likely to clog between cleanings since the water would drip through freely.

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You could also make a simple box frame (like pizza box size or a bit smaller), cover it with screen, and rest that over the drain. Easy to move when you clean. And if it moves' too much, put a brick on it.

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